Session 7: Presentations and Workshops



Room 180-2044

Virtual/High tech spaces

Room 180-2045

Collaborative spaces

Room 182-1001


Room 182-1002

Chair: Leanne Pool Chair: Marcus Williams Chair: Amanda Gilbert Chair: Maura Kempin
Designs for Learning: A pedagogical space for tertiary and vocational teaching in Aotearoa New Zealand

Lisa Maurice-Takarei

‘Tried and True’ or ‘Bold and New’ – Why Students Choose Video Assessment

Truman Pham
(for Lynley Schofield)

The Hive – creating a buzz about digital, design and discourse

Trish McCluskey


What does a model of success look like for Chinese students studying in a tertiary institution in New Zealand? Case study Otago Polytechnic

Sharleen Howison


Looks like a classroom to us

John Stansfield

Virtualising the Stories of Ngākau Māhaki

Victor Grbic

The Hive – creating a buzz about digital, design and discourse

Kwong Nui Sim


Leading an Authentic Stakeholder Informed Curriculum Design Process to Meet Learner Needs

Susan Stevenson
Eliot Henderson



Assuring health and safety learning outcomes for Science, Medicine, and Health Faculty stakeholders by using a hybrid learning and hurdle assessment pedagogy

Simon Bedford


The possible effects of smart cities on students’ learning space in the future

Bahram Pishravi

Enhancing generic problem-solving and thinking skills of tertiary STEM students through puzzle-based learning

Tanya Evans