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Session 6: Presentations and workshops « NTLT Conference 2017

Session 6: Presentations and workshops


Responsive spaces

Room 180-2043

Virtual/High tech spaces

Room 180-2045

Collaborative Spaces

Room 182-1001


Rooms as noted below

Chair: Christina Gera Chair: Victor Grbic Chair: Josie Keelan Chair: Karen Haines
Spaces of transformation: Learning on country as transformative educational practice

Ron Nicholls

Hack Education – Crowdsourcing the Future of Education in New Zealand

Jonathan Lynch

The Gordian Knot of Architectural Studio Praxis

Annabel Pretty


Using Facebook to get onto students’ wavelength

Orla Seymour
Rob Charlesworth
Room: 180-2048



Curriculum Transformation – Creating an alternative pathway in first year chemistry

Simon Bedford
Glennys O’Brien


The use of regular short quizzes in a flipped learning class

Hugh Wilson

The nature of effective teaching-learning spaces: Through the lens of the lecturers

Susie Kung

Making the most of lecture spaces

Amanda Gilbert
Room: 182-1002

A student-centred blended learning design to support first-year undergraduate assessment

Bettina Schwenger

Flipping the classroom for information literacy instruction: considerations towards personalisation and collaborative learning

Jing Shen


Reo O Nga Atua – RONA: A collaboration of wahine drawing upon the energies of RONA to deliver a presentation within the field of early childhood education

Tanya White
Losamalia Rose Penn
Yvonne Rongo Culbreath
Rangituohu Nathan