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Session 5: Presentations & Workshops « NTLT Conference 2017

Session 5: Presentations & Workshops


Responsive spaces

Room 180-2043


Room 180-2004

Virtual/High tech spaces

Room 180-2045


Room 182-1002

Chair: Simone Poi Chair: John Stansfield Chair: Robyn Gandell Chair: Katie Bruffy
A Proposed Model for Flexible and Responsive Pre-Admission Criteria

Sue Palfreyman
Tim Friedlander

Interprofessional learning in a new, purpose-built health clinic: an ethnographic study of place and space

Alexandra Bowmar


Closing the gap: Using Virtual Reality to implement a high-tech learning environment

Kamuka Pati
Alan Warburton
Leni Fifita
Joseph Pitovao


Experiencing G Suite in an Applied Technology Context

Josh Burrell


Listening to Learners: learners’ perceptions of benefits from an English language training course

Madeline Carroll
Deryn Hardie Boys


Creating safe spaces for undergraduate nursing students in a Dedicated Education Unit: Communities of Practice

Leanne Pool

Student perspectives, virtual welders and their effectiveness in developing welding skills

Lee Baglow
Christover Lovegrove

A shared space: A pioneering approach to interprofessional education in New Zealand

Stephanie Kelly
Joey Domdom
(for Ruth Crawford)


Using simulation to prepare medical imaging students for practice

Sharon Sitters