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Session 2: Presentations and workshops « NTLT Conference 2017

Session 2: Presentations and workshops


Responsive spaces

Room 180-2043

Virtual/High tech spaces

Room 180-2045

Collaborative Spaces

Room 182-1001


Room 182-1002

Chair: Marni Stevensen Chair: Anne McKay Chair: Jane Taylor Chair: Jane Terrell

Reforming Trade Programmes to Meet Entrepreneurial Practices

Niranjan Singh
Jone Tawaketini


A comparison of business students’ motivation to learn using online platforms versus social media

Andrew Mock
(for Kawtar Tani)

Preparing nurses for the future: Dedicated Education Unit (DEU) collaborative clinical learning spaces

Jenny Wraight

Embedding ways to enhance employability skills in teaching practice

Gerard Duignan
et al.

Place-responsive education: a case study of an extended environmental science journey

Ivor Heijnen

Moodle Quizzes as a way to keep students study focus on Computer Science Course: A User Study

Natalia Nehring

More than pushing the right buttons: Professional development for teachers in new collaborative learning spaces

Karen Haines


Mapping the Graduate Profile: how graduate attributes are covered in the curriculum

Mark Smith
Sarah Kirk
Maura Kempin


Urban spaces via the lens of architecture

Annabel Pretty


Online tutorial Libwizard fosters information literacy skills among civil engineering students at Unitec

Norasieh Amin


Things, People, & Classrooms: A Study of Dialogue and Blended Learning in a Vocational Tertiary Setting

Ann Simpson